Matt R

Functional Power PT


I specialise in enhancing sport performance and optimising movement efficiency. Throughout my career, I have worked with a diverse range of individuals, from complete novices to professional athletes.

Since 1997, Matt has dedicated himself to coaching martial arts, guiding fighters from the rigorous preparation of fight camps all the way to the climax of fight night. His expertise has resulted in the development of both male and female fighters who are not only strong but effective, amassing an impressive collection of victories.

Drawing from his experience coaching fighters to reach peak performance, Matt possesses the knowledge and skills to train athletes across various disciplines. No matter your training goals, Matt is well-equipped to prepare athletes for any sporting event.

Years of Experience



  • Level 6 Personal Trainer
  • Degree in Sports Management
  • Advanced Health & Exercise Specialist
  • Level 2 ABA Boxing Coach
  • ABC Hatton Elite Pad Holder
  • Qualified TRX & Kettle Bell Coach
  • Choi Kwang-Do Black Belt and Chef Instructor

Areas of Expertise

  • Functional Strength
  • Movement Efficiency
  • Sports Event Preparation
  • Boxing
  • Kettle Bells


I lead a healthy lifestyle and take pleasure in exploring novel training techniques. I have a passion for trail running alongside my dogs and relish participating in obstacle course races.

Presently, I'm undergoing rehabilitation for recent injuries, but I remain optimistic about returning to trail running soon.


  • I've been training with Matt for a while now. First day I had to stopp 45 minutes in the hour session and told him "You can keep the remaining 15 for free" purely for survival.

    Fast forward, and I'm lifting more and able to endure whatever "evilness" he decides to throw at me.

    A lot of PTs either push you too far, or not enough. Matt always challenges you to be the best you can, in the right way.

    Best decision I made training with Matt!

Class: Personal Training
  • Would highly recommend any of Matt sessions, he has personally helped me not only get fitter and stronger but has helped me gain so much confidence

Class: Personal Training
  • I know Matt from the boxing world as I'm a fellow ABA coach. I have a substantial knowledge of strength and conditioning, boxing, endurance training etc. but I had failed in rehabilitating myself.
    I have unfortunately been recovering from a number of issue/injuries, and as I'm now in my sixties needed an expert discussion as to how I can regain my past strength and fitness levels. I knew Matt as one of the most knowlwdgable PT's in the industry and booked a free consultation. Matt devised a program taking into account my heart rate training parameters and back injuries, paying particular attention to recovery as I had suffered exhaustion before.
    I'm now on session number nine and I have definitely made a very significant improvement in both my strength and cardio levels, substantially more than I had expected in such few sessions.
    Matt's extensive qualifications speak for themselves, this coupled with his industry knowledge gained through training athletes made him my first choice.

Class: Personal Training
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "I can't say enough good things about my experience with Matt. I was blown away by his expertise and personalized approach to strength and conditioning.

    From our very first session, it was clear that Matt is passionate about what he does. He took the time to understand my goals, assess my current fitness level, and identify areas that needed improvement. What impressed me most was his ability to create a program tailored specifically to my needs, incorporating a perfect mix of strength training, conditioning, and mobility work.

    His attention to form and technique is second to none. Matt ensures that every exercise is done correctly.He has a keen eye for detail and is always ready with cues and adjustments to help me get the most out of each exercise.

    One of the very best people I have worked with over the years and has become a good friend of mine..

    Allways a pleasure to work with him

Class: Personal Training
  • Been training with Matt for around 2 years, has massively helped me develop rotation and explosive power for boxing and has increased strength functionally for my role as a firefighter.

    Would recommend him to anyone looking to break away from traditional and limiting bodybuilding style workouts to bring new ideas and variations into their training.

    Alongside this, he is personable, friendly and easy to get along with and has amazing knowledge of how to get the best out of people.

Class: Personal Training
  • Matt is just a great PT, I very much enjoyed my PT sessions with him. He tailored each of them based on what I need, what I'd enjoy doing and what I'd benefit from. I learnt so much from my sessions with him and look forward to doing more. He's very detailed, motivating and fun but you'd have a full on workout by the end of each session!

    Highly recommend Matt

Class: Personal Training
  • I actually look forward to train with Matt! Importantly.. He ensures that our technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. – He is extremely reliable and always makes sure we are comfortable,- gives us easier or harder options . always set up, on time, and his sessions are always well planned.

Class: Personal Training
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