Parking (off-site)

We offer a range of off-site parking options that provide convenient and easy access to our gym facilities. When using these alternative parking locations, please be considerate of our neighbours and ensure that you do not obstruct their facilities.

Option 1:

The Dedworth Medical Centre
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You are welcome to park at the medical centre next door during specific hours, which are from 5am to 7am and 7pm to 10pm, Monday to Friday, including bank holidays. On weekends, you can use their car park from the opening time of our gym until closing. Please note that parking outside of these designated hours may result in a parking ticket issued by the medical centre. We are grateful to the medical centre for allowing our members to utilise their car park when they are closed.

Option 2:

The New Windsor Community Centre
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Located just a 3-minute walk from our gym, offers an abundance of parking spaces along Hanover Way (SL4 5NW) from 7:30am to 10pm. With convenient proximity, you can always find a parking spot within a short walking distance.

Option 3: 

Street Parking

Street parking is available, but it is important to show respect for our neighbours by avoiding any obstruction of their properties or parking in their designated spaces. Additionally, please refrain from parking on Kingsbury Mews, as it is a private road.

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