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At Five Star Gym Windsor, we offer four Pilates classes per week on our schedule. Held in our dedicated studio separate from the gym floor, it provides the ideal environment to focus on developing inner body strength. Our classes are suitable for individuals of all levels and abilities, whether you’re attending for the first time or have been coming for a while. Our knowledgeable and friendly instructors will ensure you make the most out of your class.

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  • Fantastic Friday pilates class with Hilary. Great experience and energy, which is developing my core development 🙌

Instructor: Hilary E
Class: Power Pilates
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Common questions

Pilates, a comprehensive workout method, brings a multitude of health benefits. A key advantage is its focus on enhancing flexibility and strengthening the core areas of the body - the abdominal muscles, lower back, hips, and glutes.

Substantial improvements in these areas contribute to better posture and stabilisation of the spine. Additionally, Pilates lays emphasis on body coordination and balance, making individuals more body aware. Notably, Pilates is an excellent tool for rehabilitation from injuries and prevention of future ones.

The practice also boosts lung capacity through its breathing exercises. Beyond the physical benefits, Pilates also aids in stress management and promotes relaxation, making it a holistic fitness approach.

Yes absolutely! All fitness levels are welcome to our Pilates classes.


We have a maximum of 8 people per class plus the instructor.

By having smaller group classes you get more interaction with our instructors.

Yes you can purchase a Class Pass via our app

We recommend bring water is a sports water bottle and if you prefer to use your own Yoga/Exercise mat you are more than welcome to do so.

To maximise space and minimise disruptions, we kindly request that all members utilise the lockers in the changing room for their personal items.

Shoes,Bag and coats can also be left in the waiting area by the Pilates studio.

However we recommend all valuables are put in the lockers provided in the changing rooms.

To maintain a clean and welcoming environment in our Pilates studio for all class attendees, we kindly request our members to take off their shoes before entering. Please place your shoes in the designated waiting area across from the Pilates studio.

We strongly advise arriving at the studio at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled class start time. Please store your belongings in the changing rooms and be ready to start promptly. Tardiness can disrupt the class for everyone. Please be aware that entry may be refused if you are over 5 minutes late.

It is highly recommended to wear comfortable sports or yoga attire. Layering is suggested because you will feel much warmer during the class than at the beginning or end, making it easier to remove layers as needed.

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