Cycle Studio

Experience the captivating ambience of our state-of-the-art Cycle studio, where sound and light seamlessly intertwine for an immersive journey like no other.

Weights Room

Our gym's weight room is meticulously equipped with all the essentials for an exceptional workout. Boasting a diverse selection of free weights and weight plate machines, it truly is a haven for weightlifters. With an abundance of benches and squat racks, you'll always have the resources you need to complete your workout effectively.

Female Changing Rooms

Our immaculate and cozy women's changing rooms provide everything you need to rejuvenate after a challenging workout.

Reception Area

From the moment you enter our gym, you'll be embraced as a valued member of our community. Whether you're arriving for an invigorating workout or bidding farewell, you'll always be greeted by friendly faces. The reception area is where you'll find answers to your questions, a quick restroom break, or an energy drink to fuel your upcoming session.

Functional Studio

Our expansive Functional studio serves as an ideal venue for hosting our energetic Functional fitness classes. It is thoughtfully furnished with top-of-the-line amenities to guarantee that you maximize the benefits of your training sessions. Additionally, when classes aren't in session, our members are more than welcome to utilise this studio for their workouts.

Functional Gym Floor Area

Our functional gym floor area is fully equipped, providing an excellent space for personal workouts. For those who are still building confidence in the gym, the upstairs area offers a brilliant training space, away from the main floor.

Cable & Pin Loaded Room

Room 2 offers a remarkable array of cable and pin loaded machines, ensuring there is something for everyone regardless of their level or ability. With a wide selection to choose from, finding the perfect piece of equipment becomes effortless.

Cardio Room

Experience the invigorating ambiance of our Cardio Room, radiating with brightness and energy. Discover a diverse array of cutting-edge Cardio machines, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every individual.

Yoga Studio

Our yoga studio offers a serene and peaceful environment, separate from the bustling gym floor. With a variety of yoga, hot yoga, and Pilates classes, it's the perfect place to find tranquility and relaxation.

Male Changing Rooms

Our pristine and inviting changing rooms for men offer an extensive selection of amenities to refresh and revitalize you after a fulfilling workout.

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