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Five Star Gym Windsor is the exclusive fitness facility in the Windsor area that offers invigorating Hot Yoga.

On Thursdays, we turn up the heat to a cozy 38 degrees in our dedicated Yoga studio for three revitalising Hot Yoga sessions.

Looking to boost your energy? Try our invigorating Energy Flow class. Need something more dynamic? Our challenging Dynamic Flow class is perfect for those with prior Yoga experience. For those seeking a guided stretch session with the added benefit of heat to enhance flexibility and promote faster muscle recovery, our Deep Stretch class is a fantastic choice to incorporate into your fitness routine.

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  • Room is reliably hot and just the right size for a personal yoga session. Instructor is excellent and very professional. Class is fast paced and has included different moves every week. Some positions are very difficult but I like a challenge . I would recommend to others.

Instructor: Angela S
Class: Hot Yoga Energy Flow
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Common questions

Hot yoga, performed in a heated room, offers a multitude of benefits ranging from physical to mental improvements. One of the primary advantages is increased flexibility. The heat helps muscles to relax, promoting greater range of motion and improving overall mobility. Hot yoga is also a powerful cardiovascular workout, enhancing heart health and aiding in calorie burn. The added heat boosts metabolism, facilitating quicker muscle recovery and weight management.

Additionally, hot yoga plays a significant role in promoting mental health. The focused breathing and meditative elements of the practice provide a natural stress relief, fostering tranquillity and mental clarity.

Regular practice can even lead to a noticeable glow in the skin, as the process helps eliminate toxins and enhances skin health.

Attend our Hot yoga classes in comfortable gym or yoga wear.

We would recommend wearing multiple clothing layers so you can remove layers.

We usually have our Hot Yoga Studio around 38 degrees

Hot Yoga is not Part of the Pay Monthly Membership.

However Pay Monthly Members and Pass holder can book Hot Yoga classes at a discounted rate.

We have spaces for 8 people to attend each Hot Yoga class Plus our Hot Yoga Instructor.

You are more that welcome to bring your own yoga mat, We do however have some available for you to use during the class.

Absolutely not, You are welcome to use our yoga mats for sessions.

We just ask you give them a wipe with our Antibacterial wipes provided in the studio after use.



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