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What a terrible time, but let's try and keep positive


Sorry in advance for the lengthy post, but please do read and share around as much as possible.


We have now had time to consider Friday's government announcement ordering us to shut our doors.  We completely understand the government's position and support the decision to fight this virus. We also fully support social distancing measures, the sooner these make a true impact the sooner this will be over for everyone.


As you can imagine, we have a lot to deal with and are working through as best we can.  We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time.


As a small independent gym this is devastating to us, unlike others in the area that are owned by multinational companies or backed by the government.  We want to be the best gym we can be, giving a good space and atmosphere to meet your goals.  We are in it for the long term.


This crisis is a massive blow to us and at this stage we would like to appeal to the generosity of our lovely customers.  


If there is any chance you could keep your monthly payments in place it could mean the difference between us being able to re-open or being forced to shut down for good.  


All payments that we take whilst we are closed, will be treated as contributions towards being able to pay for the rent, the equipment and to be able to help our staff.  That is very much our intention and we want to remain positive.  We want to be ready to open and go again, once we have all beaten this thing!


We understand that many of our members have their own situations to deal with and that they will have no choice but to cancel.  We get this 100%.  We just ask you to weigh up your contribution over the next month or two compared to not having a gym to go back to once we are all through it.


We may be able to get help from the government for our staff and other measures, which would be great, but at this stage we don't know how this works or what it means for the gym as a whole and it certainly won't cover our costs. Either way, this assistance is some time away and we need to make it through right now.


Any and all contributions will be put into the gym.  Since we took over at the beginning of last year all money we have received has been reinvested back in to the gym, in fact a whole lot more. 


When we come back we will be looking to do something very special for everyone that sticks by us in this difficult time.


Lastly a word for our awesome staff, personal trainers, instructors and service providers.  We will be looking to support these guys as much as we can in this time.  Look out for joint social media content and updates for ways to keep physically and mentally fit at home.


Stay tuned for more updates to come.


Thanks everyone and keep safe!


PS. Please try and help everyone that has been hit by this in anyway you can.  We know pubs, cafes and many others are really suffering and are offering alternatives to their usual service, keep an eye out and get involved where you can.



Thank you for your message, we will be in touch very soon.




54 Vale Road



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