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Behind the scenes, (but always at our core) is an unexpected ethos. We’re always striving to do right by our community and look to the future. From our charitable initiatives to the sustainable solutions we support, join a gym with heart.


At Five Star Gym we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We’ve focused on reducing our consumption of materials at the heart of every process that we do.


Introducing a new membership system we had the opportunity to look at how we operate and to reduce the impact we have as a business on consumable resources. No more plastic cards. No more needless reams of paper. We aim to digitise our processes and systems as much as possible.

We hope to see single-use plastic be a thing of the past. Our dedicated recycling bin means any paper or plastic that we do need to use and throw away stays in the recycling chain for future use and doesn’t end up in a landfill site.


Five Star Gym is an active part of the local community. We look to promote sport, health and wellbeing at a professional and grassroot level locally in the Windsor and surrounding areas.


We are always on the lookout for local teams and up and coming individuals to support.


Adam Amarasinghe - The Windsor born and local resident is a professional MMA competitor on the European scene. He competes regularly and we are proud to work with Adam on his journey.

The Grassroots Project – was created by a team of local community members who recognised a need to offer a wider range of care and leisure services to the community, expanding choices for people that need them the most. The Grassroots Project offers horticulture facilities, activities and leisure services, combined with essential life skills to promote an active future for children and adults alike. They provide their own transport links to and from the facility ensuring that their services are accessible to everyone in the community.

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We are extremely pleased to announce our charity of the year, the Alexander Devine Hospice. The Hospice provides respite care, specialist play, symptom management, family support, end of life care and bereavement support for children and families in Berkshire. The work that they do is incredible, and we are so proud to have the charity’s two founding members - John and Fiona Devine, as long-term members of Five Star.

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